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Analogue Vista Clock tips and tricks:
Tip #1
You can make Analogue Vista Clock to play entire directory as alarm sound. Analogue Vista Clock will be playing one by one every .wav file from the directory (in random order), untill alarm is stopped. To do this enter as alarm sound file a path to the directory that contain at least one .wav file.
Tip #2
You can hibernate your computer (check Control Panel->Power Option in Windows) and Analogue Vista Clock will wake up your computer from hibernation to play the alarm!
You can use our Shutdown Screensaver to hibernate your computer!
Tip #3
You can double click with your middle mouse button on the clock's tray icon to temprorarily hide the clock. Double click again to bring it back. Even though it is hidden the clock is active and the alarm will be played in due time.
Tip #4
You can synchronize your computer's time with atomic Internet time server! Just double click on clock's tray icon, Choose "Internet Time" tab and click "Change Settings..." button. Check "Synchronize with an Internet time server" checkbox and provide name of a time server, for example "time.windows.com".
Tip #5
You can make Analogue Vista Clock to play custom chime sound. Just click the "Chime Sound" button in the setting dialog box and choose your chime sound file. You can also define whether the chime sound should be played once or as many times as actual hour.
Tip #6
If you want to make the clock's face (dial) clickable and movable by your mouse, just set its translucensy below 10%. After you do you will be able to communicate with the clock either via its tray icon or by clicking on it.
Tip #7
If you are a graphician artist you can create your own skins! Please download MyBitmap program and open any Analogue Vista Clock skin file in it to see how it looks like. If you do make any cool skin for Analogue Vista Clock you can contact us and we will publish your skin on our Analogue Vista Clock skins page.
Tip #8
You can translate Analogue Vista Clock to any language you want. Make sure to visit languages page for details how to translate our clock to your favourite language.
Tip #9
You can place Analogue Vista Clock on your secondary monitor. For example, if your secondary monitor is to the right of your primary monitor, you need to select "left-top corner" or "left-bottom corner" and set the "horizontal distance" to be larger than your primary display horizontal resolution.
Tip #10
If you would like to disable the default beep sounds when the clock starts or exits you can use /nobeep command line argument.
Tip #11
If you use Windows 7 and want Analogue Vista Clock to wake your computer from hibernation in order to play the alarm you need to configure Windows 7 to allow wake timers. See "Allow wake timers" article.
Tip #12
You can set an alarm time just by dragging the alarm hand with your mouse. In the Alarm Setting dialog box instead of typing in alarm time just click on the alarm hand an drag it to change the alarm hour.

Analogue Alarm Clock

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