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Paprotka Screensaver

These are screen savers dedicated for win32 platforms. They display growing fractal-ferns that are computed in real time. Because they use current screen resolution, the higher your current resolution is, the better fractals will look (but they will require more CPU power for drawing them).

Versions available:
  • OpenGl Version:
    This version requires windows operating system with OpenGL support and strong processor. (download)
  • GDI version:
    The only requirements for this version are win32 operating system and powerful processor on board. (download)
  • OpenGL Fast version:
    This is very special OpenGL version that I wrote almost 4 years ago, but didn't publish it for some reason till today (7 march 2006). This version uses precomputing, which means coordinates of all lines are computed during screensaver startup. Furthermore during each animation frame only lines representing one recursion depth of a fern are drawn. The result is that this version, although has delayed startup due to initialization, works with little CPU drain and drawing is done within a blink of an eye. Since versions above compute fern in real time and have to draw more lines during single frame, they require incredibly powerful machine even for running in 1024x768 resolution mode. This version will run smoothly even in 1600x1200 or higher screen resolution on much less poweful machines. (download)

If you want to check if your computer is strong enough for running these screensavers click the processor below.

Analogue Alarm Clock

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