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4Neurons Eraser 2.0

4Neurons Eraser 4Neurons Eraser is a program that allows you to delete files, the way it won't be possible to recover them using any file recovering software or even by giving your hard drive to the professional company that specialize in data recovering. Standard "Delete" method provided to you by the operating system, doesn't really destroy the data on your hard drive, it merely removes the filename from the directory list, and marks space occupied by your file as free. Entire content of the file (thus file itself) is still there and can be easily recovered!

4Neurons Eraser physically erases the content of the file, overwriting it multiple times with random data, just before deleting. 4Neurons Eraser uses custom pseudo-random number generator with enormous period and large seed value. Overwriting the files multiple times with random, chaotic data, which cannot be reconstructed, is critical, since some of the companies that specialize in data recovery or government agencies are capable of recovering the files that have been simply erased (ie overwritten once with constant value), using dedicated hardware.

4Neurons Eraser 2.0 works with 32bit editions of Windows 2000, Windows XP,
Windows Vista and Windows 7 and Windows 8.
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If you keep on your computer files containing confidential data and you want to be sure that no one will be able to recover them, once you decided to delete them, then you need 4Neurons Eraser.
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Using 4Neurons Eraser:

4Neurons Eraser comes as Windows shell extension and as a console program. Shell extension integrates itself with Windows Explorer allowing you to erase your files as easily as deleting them is. In the Windows Explorer select files/directories you want to erase, then click with right mouse button and choose "Erase" menu item, which is just below Delete (see screenshot to the right). 4NErase.exe is program for console usage and allows you to erase a single file or recursively entire directory. It also supports wildcards for erasing multiple files/directories at once.


4Neurons Eraser Config 4Neurons Eraser in action 4Neurons Eraser in action 4Neurons Eraser Context Menu

Note: Version 2.0 has been introduced to address minor glitches that version 1.6 was causing on Windows Vista and newer Windows systems.

The only difference between version 2.0 and version 1.6 is that version 2.0 does not utilize owner-drawn menu item, which has following advantages:
- On Windows Vista and later the new modern visual style of the menu is preserved.
- The "Erase" menu item responds to keyboard shortcut (E).
- There are no more occasional glitches with unterminated threads that sometimes did happen on Windows Vista and later when the menu shell extension was invoked from other application than Windows Explorer (when such third party application was utilizing some file related common control).

The disadvantage of version 2.0 is that since it doesn't utilize an owner-drawn menu item any more, it has non-animated menu item icon (bitmap) rather than animated one, and that this bitmap is being displayed only on Windows Vista and newer (it is not visible on Windows XP!). Since Windows XP did not introduce visual styles for menus, and owner-drawn 4Neurons Eraser menu item does not cause any glitches on Windows XP, there is little advantage in upgrading to version 2.0 in case of Windows XP.

So if you are on Windows XP and prefer version 1.6 you can download it by clicking here: 4NEraser ver. 1.6.

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