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Fullscreen Photo Viewer changes:

Fulscreen Added in versions 1.1-1.8:
- png and mbm file format support (supported file formats are bmp, gif, jpg, png and mbm).
- improved support for bmp and png file types.
- improved support for touchscreen computers (added close button).
- added About dialog box.
- added tiff file format support.
- minor bug fixes to improve performance.
- improved support for png and tiff file types.

Added in version 1.9:
- added color management support (press F12 to toggle color management on/off).
- added "Delete file" option (press Delete button).

Added in version 2.0:
- added multithreading, which results in faster displaying of images.
- added "Copy file path to clipboard" option (press Insert button).
- added experimental support for tga file format (only 24-bit per pixel images, uncompressed and run-lenght encoded subformats).

Added in version 2.1:
- added option to minimize Fullscreen Photo Viewer window (right click on "Quit" menu item).
- added experimental 3d support (press F9 to toggle). You will need red-cyan glasses to view images in 3d.
- improved multithreading code to prevent memory leaks.

Added in version 2.2:
- added support for newest version of MBM file format.
- added support for true stereoscopic files (click link for details). Red-cyan glasses needed.
- fixed color management routine to work correctly with multithreaded version.

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