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SERPs Finder

SERPs Finder logo SERPs Finder is a free SEO (Search Engine Optimization) utility that allows you to find rankings of your pages in all major search engines. SERPs Finder can easily check search engine position of your site for a given query in Google, Live Search, and Yahoo! Search.

Despite it's simplicity it is one of the most powerful tools of its kind, unlike many others it searches for position deeply, analyzing first 1000 of search engine results. It is also incredibly fast, the only practical limit is the speed of your network connection.

SERPs Finder

Unfortunately, we've temporarily decided to take it down, since it requires constant work to keep it up to date with changes made by search engines. However, if you would really like to get a working version we might be willing to build it for you for a small fee. If that's the case please use our contact form to inquire about such custom build of SERPs Finder.

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